Tuesday, June 9, 2015

mozzarella, fresh sheep's milk cheese, caramelized yellow onions, harissa sauce, butternut squash, fresh mint
BBQ PORK (for just a little while!)
mozzarella, fontina, house-made pulled pork, cole-slaw

when the BBQ PORK is gone we'll move on to the:

mozzarella, fontina, house-cured pancetta, garlic scapes, parmesan, lemon juice

a selection of six different slices chosen by the chefs

add pickled jalapenos to everything and anything!  .75/1.5/3

spinach, green beans, hard boiled egg, and pickled red onion, with a creamy dill dressing

Each month Dove Vivi contributes 10% of our Tuesday evening’s proceeds to a local nonprofit organization. This month’s 10% recipient is the Community Energy Project, an organization that helps low-income Portlanders live in comfortable and energy-efficient homes. CEP provides workshops and direct services throughout the city of Portland. CEP’s workshops cover lead poisoning, prevention, and do-it-yourself attic insulation. The organization serves more than 1.350 households each year.  

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