Tuesday, July 7, 2015

mozzarella, cotija, corn, fire-roasted poblano peppers, parmesan, smoky mayo, chili powder, lime

MEXICAN CHORIZO (for as long as it lasts!)
mozzarella, cotija, house-made chorizo sausage, roasted red peppers, cilantro, onions, chili flakes

when the MEXICAN CHORIZO is gone we'll move on to the:

mozzarella, blue cheese, fig jam, house-made Italian bacon, dressed radicchio

a selection of six different slices chosen by the chefs

add pickled jalapenos to everything and anything!  .75/1.5/3

fresh cherries, Briar Rose goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts on a bed of greens tossed in a cherry vinaigrette

Each month Dove Vivi contributes 10% of our Tuesday evening's proceeds to a local nonprofit organization. This month's 10% Tuesday recipient is Oregon College of Art and Craft's A. Susana Santos' Journeys in Creativity, an art and crafts program for Native American communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Proceeds will go towards the Program's pre-college residential art camp for North American teens on the OCAC campus taking place this August. 

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