Tuesday, November 25, 2014


mozzarella, fontina, thinly sliced red onion, house-made green and black olive and roasted pepper tapenade

Mozzarella, blue cheese, toscano salami, fresh tomatoes

CHEF’S CHOICE 23.75 (dine-in only)
a selection of six different slices chosen by the chefs

Add pickled jalapeƱos! (.5/1.5/3)

shaved parsnips, golden raisins, breadcrumbs, ricotta salata, tossed in a sherry marmalade vinaigrette, on a bed of arugula

Each month Dove Vivi contributes %10 of Tuesday night's proceeds to a different Portland-area nonprofit. Our November recipient is Urban Gleaners, which is a small Portland based non-profit that rescues edible surplus food from grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets and farms that would otherwise be thrown away. They redistribute this food through our local school system to students and their families suffering from chronic hunger. They are able to rescue over 45,000 lbs of edible food each month and feed nearly 850 students and their families (about 3,200 individuals) with a weekly delivery of fresh organic produce, dairy, healthy proteins and whole grain breads. They pick up food and deliver it to those in need in an effort to reduce both waste and want.

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